I look at the birth chart from a psychological perspective. I do not predict events but rather use astrology as a symbolic system which can help to unlock our potential and bring us closer to our “true” self.

A first session includes
  • highlighting the main themes in the chart
  • discovering our inner needs, drives, strengths and more challenging aspects
  • how best to integrate the different facets of our personality.
Once the main themes have been identified, it is then possible to look at the current transits and progressions in terms of what is happening now and how the astrological cycles may unfold.
Follow up sessions can focus more on a particular area of the chart and/or look at current transits and progressions.
I studied astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS) and gained the FAS diploma in 1988.
I maintain a small private practice of astrological clients.
Between 1994 – 2001, I was a correspondence tutor for the FAS and have also run small group teaching courses.